Sketches on Main Street

Today the Main Streets of Ohio, Iowa, New York City, and the world unite in a quest for survival and rebirth. During Spring of 2020 many of us are sequestered in our homes. Our beloved Main Streets stand empty — streets that have seen wars, revolutions, depression, recession and more. We look forward to seeing the reset that is bound to take place.

With these sketches I celebrate the silent beauty of streets awaiting their next chapters.

fig. 1 _ Albia, Iowa
fig. 2 _ Bryan, Ohio
fig. 3 _ Grinnell, Iowa
fig. 4 _ Grinnell, Iowa
fig. 5 _ Grinnell, Iowa
fig. 6 _ Albia, Iowa
fig. 7 _ Napoleon, Ohio
fig. 8 _ New York City
fig. 9 _ Sidney, Ohio
fig. 10 _ Sidney, Ohio
fig. 11 _ Sidney, Ohio
fig. 12 _ West Liberty, Iowa
fig. 13 _ West Liberty, Iowa

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